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Software: Open Source Software
Open source software gives the user the ability to modify a program's
functionality, e.g. adding, removing and editing.
Closed source software allows the user to run the software but not make changes
to functionality

Source Code
When a programme is written the programmer uses a…

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Rushed development: may be rushed due to
financiallydetermined deadlines where the programme is
released with many mistakes present.

Open SourceAdvantages and Disadvantages
Advantages Disadvantages
Users are not tied to a particular vendor: If products Products can `fork', leaving users confused. Rival
become unavailable, users able to go elsewhere to groups…

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Trade secret information that companies keep secret to give them an
advantage over their competitors. The formula for CocaCola is the most famous
trade secret.
Digital Rights Management (DRM)restricts the unauthorised use of copyright
material to protect copyright and revenue.
Object code


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