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Ontological Argument
The ontological argument is an a priori argument ­ formulated
through reason alone, rather than experience. It is deductive as it
draws its argument purely from a set of premises. No claims of
truth are made, simply of logic.

In eleventh century, St. Anselm put forward his…

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Any being that has ever not-existed cannot be perfect.
Therefore a supremely perfect being, namely God, must exist.

Descartes claimed that as existence was the essence of God and a predicate of Him, it could be no
more separated from the idea of a God than `three angles' can be…

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is pointless amongst believers as they have already been convinced, and if it is only aimed at
believer's it is useless to atheists.

Alvin Plantinga

Alvin Plantinga's line of argument centre's around the idea of `possible worlds' in `modal logic'.
Plantinga's line of argument went as follows:

1. The existence…


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