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Ontological Argument:

Written by theists for theists
Apriori- Through reason
Aims to prove the existence of God via reason and logic alone
Deductive argument- moves from premise to conclusion
Anselm's First Form-
Began by defining God as `a being than which nothing greater can be conceived'
If it is the…

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If the greatest possible island exists in the mind alone (only as an idea), then a
greater island could be imagined to exist both in the mind and in reality
This island would then be greater than the best possible island
Thus the best possible island cannot exist only as…

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He thinks when philosophers say `God is a necessary being' or `God has to exist' they are
making an analytic statements, they are talking about what words mean not whether
God exists or not
Kant backs up his argument with his killer point:
Once upon a time there was a…


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