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1. Outline and evaluate one explanation of smoking addiction (5+5 marks)

In the biological explanation of smoking addiction this model assumes that the
category of "being an addict," is very black and white, therefore you are either
an addict or you are not, you cannot be "slightly addicted." The biological…

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likely to need an artificial boost from the environment. Cognitive factors could
also affect people's addictions and ability to resist relapse. A purely biological
approach is clearly too reductionist, other factors are also involved. It could
also be argued that whether people relapse or not is a question of choice,…

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amounts of a substance in order to produce the same effect. Cross-tolerance can
also occur. This is when exposure to one drug can produce tolerance to other
drugs that act by the same mechanisms. Drug tolerance often develops to some
aspects of drugs like tobacco and alcohol, but not other…


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