One Child Policy

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One Child Policy
There have been many cases of one child policies around the world during the last few decades. The
one child policy is to reduce the number of children by a family and to overall reduce the population
of that nationality. In China, this has been the case for many years.
In 1979, Deng Xiaoping decided that the amount of Chinese nationals in China should be capped as
each family is having a large amount of children. The government decided to make it law that Chinese
nationals living in China were only allowed to have one child, which was preferred to be a boy. The
government wanted more boys because they could do more work that was important. They would
also bring more money back to their families.
There are many exceptions to the One Child Policy. The parents are allowed to have more than one
child if:
They have a multiple birth (twins or triplets).
The child won't have any uncles or aunties.
They live in a small village away from the big cities.
They are not Chinese and living in China.
There have been many impacts on China and the people. The views of the government have also
changed over the years. These can be both positive and negative.
It is positive that parents can only have one child because:
It can stabilise the fluctuation in population of Chinese Nationals.
There will be more land free from houses and other things that people would need to
There will need to be fewer teachers for schools meaning that there will be more people
having other jobs that can help China (doctor/nurse).
There is less chance of recession in the country as there are less people to pay benefits to.
It is negative that parents can only have on child because:
There will be less people to be Chinese
There will be education downfall
The parents should be able to choose how many children they have and they shouldn't be
told by the government what to do with their life.
Deng Xiaoping would think it was a good idea as it is bringing
good results to the country. He would think that the
population has too much of a fluctuation and the population
needs to decrease. Parents would feel angry with the one
child policy because they would feel as if they should have the
right to have as many children as they want to have and
nobody should stop them.


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