One Child Policy

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One Child Policy- China
Charlotte Coleman LVIE
Reasons Methods Impacts
It was introduced in Only 1 child is allowed Secret Pregnancies
1980 after population per couple Very Late abortions
growth was becoming It is strongly enforced (7mths)
too large in the country Increase in
China's population They are in favour of sterilization
was 1/2 billion in abortion ­ often VERY Decreased family size
1949 strongly encouraged. Sons favoured as able
In 1971 a limit of only Family planning to look after parents
2 children was officers in charge of a and work. Culture
introduced number of families. No siblings or cousins
1982- 1 child policy Sterilization of ­ children are
introduced women who have had brought up with just 2
Population projected 1 child. elderly parent
to halve by 2080 A `telltale' per 16 Regular free medical
If policy fails, extra women in factories to checkups
population is the size check for signs of Free nursery places
of the USA population pregnancy/broodines Families forced to pay
The policy would have s. back benefits if second
to remain for 100 yrs. Permission card child (up to a yrs
in order to halve needed to become salary)
population pregnant and get Only really
An increase to 1 child registered in implemented in urban
billion doubles living factory to control areas where
standards births. over-population is
-1.5 billion= poverty Granny police- 1 per most of a problem
-2 billion= hardship 16 families in a Changing sex ratio-
- >2.5 neighbourhood to higher mortality rates
billion=starvation monitor women. for female children
Not enough food for Children are only Female births are
projected population- allowed over the age under-reported
Malthus style disaster of 24 ­ social benefits As the rule is
Unable to sustain too? lightened in
annual increase of Strong pressure to use countryside they're
food to feed projected contraception by allowed 2nd child if 1st
population granny police/ is female. Not if 1st is
Underemployment tell-tales male and males
and unemployment Each province is therefore are not
(3.6%) are serious allowed to adopt reported
problems. Could rise different measures in Selective abortion ­
to 15% in the future. accordance to factors increased Ultra-sound
Less population= such as pop density, technology
more jobs resources and level of

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Water shortages are economic Young men may find it
affecting urban areas development difficult to find a
Rural to urban Education and health partner ­ too many
migration- demands facilities facilitate men.
for housing, education education of birth Prostitution may rise
and health care and control ­ women as men cannot find
transport in urban become more in wives
areas. control Women status
decreases in an
Village council may
have to be consulted
society.…read more


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