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Getting on the right track to
success…read more

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The first step...
To get on the right track for a good mark you
first need to know all the little necessities that
are along the way before you start working
your socks off and revising!
1st Step…read more

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All about the course
First of all you need to find out what examining
board your course follows, this is useful
information to obtain because it means that
you can find the correct exam papers and
revision guides to use. Otherwise you could
end up with resources for a different exam!
Also make sure you find out about the different
topics within your exam.…read more

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The 2 step....
The 2nd step is learning the information in class
with your teacher, there are lots of things that
you can do whilst you are going along to make
it easier for you later on.
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As you are going along.....
Some good tips!
· Get some highlighters one for each topic and when you have done work
on one of the topics colour in the corner of the page so that you can
clearly see which information is a part of which topics without having to
look at what you have written.
· Make sure your work is neat and your writing is legible! This is
important because otherwise when you look back at your work you
might not know what you have written.
· If your teacher doesn't teach you one of the points then take it upon
yourself to learn it, because its you who will lose out in the exam not
your teacher!
· Draw in pictures to help you remember the information more.
· Make it colourful, bright and interesting remember it is you that will
have to remember all of the information at a later stage.
· If you are unsure about some of the work you have done in the lesson
or you have missed a lesson make sure you get it explained to you or
catch up.…read more

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The 3 step
After you have finished all the
sections within the module you
will need to start revising! The
dreaded word!
3rd Step…read more

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