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On my first Sonne ­ Ben Jonson

Themes: Death, Relationships, and Love

Modern translation: Explores the theme of parental
Goodbye, my favourite child and source of joy. Written about the poets son who
It's my fault that I hoped for too much for you, the died
boy I loved.…

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sonnet, cut short (12 lines instead of 14). All of this links directly to the idea of a life
being cut short.
`Farewell, thou child of my right hand...' Subordinate clause/metaphor ­ suggests his son
was `lent' to him, creates a sense that his loss was
inevitable. Also the relationship…

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The rhyming couplet is at the same time both an
epigram and epitaph.
He is contradicting himself because he is vowing on
his son, not God. He will never like/love anything
he has too much ever again


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