Oleanna Essay on Gender--Highlighted Example Essay

This example essay has been highlighted to show examples of references to the question steer, contexts (wider and within the play), methods and analysis to make the necessary structure for the exam essay clear.

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. Reread Act 1 from page 36 (JOHN: Charts, do you see ...) to the end of the scene
on page 41. Discuss how Mamet presents ideas about gender in this extract and
at least one other point in the play.


References to the steer.
References to the context…

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also gives him more power over the passive females. This authority of males
over females, however, can be attributed to John's and Carol's positions the
former is a university professor, whereas Carol is his student who comes from a
`different social a different economic' background and presumably has received

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This, I believe, encapsulates Mamet's ideas about gender and the relationship
between males and females.


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