Oklahoma 1999 Tornado

Case study on the 1999 Tornado's in the state of Oklahoma, including:

  • Causes/formation
  • Impacts/Effects
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On 3rd May 1999, a series of tornados occurred which brought violent storms to 4 U.S
States, including Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Tennessee. In total, 66 tornados
broke out in Oklahoma and Kansas. The most significant tornado of the day and the one
which caused the most disruption and damage was the Bridge CreekMoore tornado,
which was an F5 tornado. Due to its F5 status, it meant that the wind speed would have
been in excess of 323 km h1.
3rd May 1999 started as a sunny, warm and humid day. The forecast started to
deteriorate during the day, and supercells started to form when the warm air met with
the cold air. The rapidly convecting warm air produced towers clouds, which were
twisted by strong upper level jet stream winds.
This radar image displays the violent tornadic classic supercell near Oklahoma City.
One of the main effects of the tornado was fatalities, in total, 36 people died as a result
of this tornado. This factor made it the deadliest tornado since 10th April 1979, Wichita
Falls, Texas tornado, which killed 42 people. This was quite a high death toll for a
tornado, which has to be considered why? Warnings were issued well in advance of the
tornado's arrival, and the Oklahoma City broadcast media interrupted programming to
Chris Cartwright ­ AS Geography
Column 5 ­ 2nd November 2009

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If earlier warnings would have been
issued, the death toll might have been less. But it is also worth taking into consideration
that if no warnings at all were issued, then the death toll would have been even higher.
The remaining impacts were economic. This tornado alone badly damaged or
destroyed over 8000 homes and caused $1.1 billion in damage, making it the single
most costly tornado in U.S history.…read more


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