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Origin of Hydrocarbons

Decayed plants and bacteria (most plankton) dies and then sinks to the sea floor. Oil
comes from plankton but if it is buried deeply enough it can also form gas (land plants
can form gas if they're buried deeply enough). Gas can
pass through porous and…

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Oil traps

Anticline Trap Salt dome Trap

Fault trap Unconformity Trap

Lithology trap

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Oil Reservoirs

Oil reservoirs are found when permeable and porous rock holds oil and gas. Some rocks
are impermeable and block the upward passage of oil and gas. And therefore get

Reservoir rocks have lots of interconnected holes called pores. These absorb the oil and
gas like a sponge.…

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Oil Extraction

Mainly extracted on land, but due to depleting supplies, humans started looking to the
sea. Initially, oil was harvested from shallow regions however as demand increased
companies began looking to deeper waters and therefore had to design economically
viable offshore structures that were safe to use and maintain.…


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