Offender profiling FBI & Geographical revision notes (with AO1 & AO2s marked in)

For AQA Psyb3 exam, my revision notes all typed up. And because I like to learn how to get the 12 mark essays nailed, I've colour coded AO1s and AO2s. Hope they're useful!

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Offender Profiling ­
Typology (FBI) and Geographical approaches
One method of offender profiling is the typology approach, used by the FBI. This
approach aims to identify the major characteristics of serious offenders. To develop
this approach, the FBI interviewed 36 sexually motivated murderers, including Charles
Manson and Ted Bundy, and…

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Unlike the FBI approach, this method is useful for all types of crimes, not just
sexually orientated ones.
Proof that it works comes from the geographical study of Peter Sutcliffe, the
Yorkshire ripper. Police were able to determine where he lived based upon the
locations of his crimes.
Further evidence…


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