Of Mice & Men - Themes Quotations

Themes included: 


-Animal Imagery

-Marginalisation x3 (Racism, Women, Disabled)

-American Dream/Ambition


Just quotes with the page number & speaker - Page number may be different depending on which book you have. 

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`Of Mice and Men' A quotation bank

`Lennie, who had been watching, imitated George exactly' ­ Page 21
`Aw, Lennie' George put his hand on Lennie's shoulder. ` I ain't takin' it away jus'
for meanness' ­ Page 27
`George put down his cards very deliberately. `Lennie,' he said…

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`Well, you keep your place then, Nigger. I could get you strung up on a tree so
easy it ain't even funny.' ­ Page 113

Marginalisation (Women)
`Well, I think Curley's married ... a tart' ­ Page 50
`She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door…

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`An' we'd keep a few pigeons to go flyin' around the win'mill like they done
when I was a kid.' ­ Page 86
`George was on guard immediately' ­ Page 86
`Candy went on excitedly, `How much they want for a place like that?' ­ Page
`S'pose I went…


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