Of Mice and Men - Themes (and how they link to the characters)

Of Mice and Men - Themes of the novella and how they link to the characters. Loneliness and isolation, women, dreams and death. Good luck!

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Of Mice and Men revision
Themes of the novella and how it links to the characters
Loneliness and isolation
Everybody on the ranch is lonely
Typical ranch men are like orphans ­ they have no family
Many of the men spent money on prostitutes just so they could have some
companionship for a little while
It was very strange for ranch workers to make friends ­ this is why everybody is so
surprised that George and Lennie travel together
Steinbeck offers no solution for loneliness ­ not even marriage (which is why
Curley and his wife are so unhappy)
Steinbeck suggests that loneliness is just a part of human nature
How this links to the characters
George ­ doesn't feel much loneliness as he has the companionship of Lennie although
after the death of his companion we can somewhat see loneliness kick in (right at the
end of the novel)
Lennie ­ innocent enough not to fear loneliness although when Crooks suggests that
George might leave him, Lennie gets upset and angry
Curley's wife ­ married to someone she doesn't love and doesn't love her either ­ only
woman on the ranch and the rest of the men are warned to stay away from her, so she
stays alone
Candy ­ only ever had his dog for companionship but when Carlson shot it, Candy was
left all alone
Crooks ­ his skin colour caused him to live in solitude and segregated from the rest of the
ranch workers ­ he's rather bitter about this although he is used to the loneliness as he
would've experienced it for a very long time
Curley's wife
o Lonely and frustrated
o Tries to use her sexual attractiveness to get the attention she desperately
o Men dislike her and think she's a tramp
o She has an impossible dream so she is left frustrated with the reality of her
Aunt Clara
o Lennie seemed scared of her
o George looks after Lennie because Aunt Clara wanted him to
o George respects Aunt Clara's wishes

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People on the ranch are going nowhere
They've got nothing to look forward to in life
Nothing makes them happy apart from dreaming about a better life
Dreams ­ George
George dreams of a much better life
He's different to the other workers as he is willing to actually leave the ranch and
try and fend for himself on his own ranch
Him and Lennie want to own their own ranch and this is what they look forward to
Although George repeats the dream…read more


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