of mice and men , loneliness and isolation

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Loneliness and Isolation
* ALL characters experience this theme *
o Soledad means solitary.
o Isolated work place.
o Before animals were all on their own, now humans disturb it.
o Black `nigger' `negro' (racial discrimination) + disability
"cause I'm black. They say I stink"
o Harness room (physically isolated)
o Crooked back
Isolated in work he can do
Can never take alpha male role.
Curley's wife:
o Never given a name, nobody knows her personally
o Only female on the ranch ­ male dominated.
o Has nobody to talk to
"I never got to talk to nobody"
"I get awful lonely"
o Possession of Curley
o Only got a dog, gets shot ­ companion
o Clings to the dream ­ wants company / relaxation, frightened of going back
to ranch.
o Realises his uselessness, but is friendly
"they'll can me purty soon"
"I have no place to go"
o Empty threats to Lennie
has no equal relationship
Paternal figure
o Has underlying desire to find an equal relationship ­ somebody to take care
of him.
o At end, Slim takes care of George for first time
"guys like us, that work on the ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world"
o George has to inflict loneliness on himself, since Lennie has gone too far ­
cannot protect him.
o Lonely when George isn't around
o Nothing to pet
"tend to the rabbits"
o Vulnerable


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