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Tom Dyson 10L
English essay
Explore the themes of loneliness and isolation in John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice
and Men

In this essay I am going to analyse the novel Of Mice and Men, published in 1937 and
written by the American author John Steinbeck. The novel is set in…

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George's first meeting when Curley asks George "What the hell are you gettin' into it for",
George replies with "We travel together" this surprises Curley and he responds as if it is not
common when he says "Oh it's that way is it". Even one of the more friendly characters…

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One of these is his habit of wanting to hold and stroke soft things, this is a sign of his fear of
loneliness. Being alone for Lennie would mean being without George, and his need for George is
shown when Crooks scares Lennie by putting thoughts into his head about…

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The simplicity and lack of desire for anything of real riches in Lennie and George's
dream is what singles it out to what the American dream was about in the day of the novel.
Similar to the American dream Lennie and George have set about on achieving their dream

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emotions through his actions, "He lay on his bunk and crossed his arms behind his head and
stared at the ceiling". These movements by Candy add to the somber mood Steinbeck tries to
create with the other characters attempting to offer distraction to themselves and Candy as well
as to…

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something else when he offers himself up to be part of Lennie and George's dream, he wants to
be free from isolation and being degraded by everyone else and Lennie and George's dream of
a ranch offers him some hope. He only offers himself up for a small role on…

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particular dream that she admits to when talking to Lennie is that of being "in the movies, an'
had nice clothesall them nice clothes like they wear".
The dream that Curley's wife has would be a combination of doing something she
wants to do, freedom from the ranch and freedom…

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chance to rid themselves of loneliness and Candy fast tracking the dream with his own money,
this all added to the overall climax and sadness experienced by the reader at the end of the
dreams demise and George's return to deeper loneliness.
The themes of loneliness and Isolation are portrayed…


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