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Of Mice and Men

Main Characters

Least dynamic of the principal characters. Remains as a
constant when other characters are adapting. He loves soft
things and lives for the day when he can own rabbits on the
ranch. Is completely devoted to George. Childlike and
innocent as he doesn't…

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candy's wife `His closed Within the novel he slowly works
seem fist was his way up accidently killing and
inevitable lost in injuring things. He starts by killing
Lennie's the mice, and doesn't understand 84
big hand.' how. Then he crushes curley's
hand but can't seem to understand
`Why do…

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in the conversation with Crooks on pg.41) At the start of the
novel he is a secret dreamer thanks to Lennie's innocence
and enthusiasm but learns a hard lesson that the world is
made to prey on the weak and saves Lennie from it by
killing him himself, this teaches…

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that Lennie has been his best
What george `George All george wants is a quiet life to 29
wants more pretended a setlle down in. Because of the
than lack of way he lives and all the stuff he
anything intrest' has beeen through with Lennie 4
here is…

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the last hope washed sets about trying to turn the
for him, dishes for dream into a plan with such
which is why them guys.' urgency and vigour that when
it affects him things do come aart and Lennie
so badly dies, he doesn't mourn for the
when Lennie death…

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`She went on with her story quickly, before she should be
interrupted.' 87
`You stop it now, you'll muss it.' 89

Emphasises the different ways one can be an outsider in the
novel, he is the only black man so there is obvious racial
prejudice. However on top of…


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