Of Mice and Men Characters

notes on main characters using point quote explain.

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Of Mice and Men
Main Characters
Least dynamic of the principal characters. Remains as a
constant when other characters are adapting. He loves soft
things and lives for the day when he can own rabbits on the
ranch. Is completely devoted to George. Childlike and
innocent as he doesn't have a strong grasp on the reality of
living like he does and how cruel the world can be.
point quote explain Pag
Lennie is best `Uh-uh...... This quote shows the childlike 7
described as I found it. behaviour Lennie uses when
childlike; he I found it george asks him for a dead
embodies the dead.' mouse. He doesn't understand 10
best why its wrong to pick up all these
characteristi `I don't mice so keeps on doing it. (Repeat
cs of a know why of page 7 on p.10)
childish I can't
mentality ­ keep it. It
innocence, ain't
exuberance, nobody's
and earnest mouse.'
love and
trust ­ but he
embodies the
worst ­
ty, and an
inability to
connect his
actions to
Lennie's `You've This selection of quotes show the 11
behaviour broke it two sides of Lennies behaviour
makes the pettin' it' that together make it seem
murder of inevitable for him not to kill her. 63

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His closed Within the novel he slowly works
seem fist was his way up accidently killing and
inevitable lost in injuring things. He starts by killing
Lennie's the mice, and doesn't understand 84
big hand.' how. Then he crushes curley's
hand but can't seem to understand
`Why do how to let go. He then goes on to do
you got to exactly the same when he kills the
get killed? pup.…read more

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Crooks on pg.41) At the start of the
novel he is a secret dreamer thanks to Lennie's innocence
and enthusiasm but learns a hard lesson that the world is
made to prey on the weak and saves Lennie from it by
killing him himself, this teaches George a valuable lesson
and puts to bed his dream of a fraternal, perfect world.…read more

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Lennie has been his best
What george `George All george wants is a quiet life to 29
wants more pretended a setlle down in. Because of the
than lack of way he lives and all the stuff he
anything intrest' has beeen through with Lennie 4
here is to stay he is very wary of people.…read more

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so badly dies, he doesn't mourn for the
when Lennie death of Candy's wife or even
dies. Lennie, just the death of his last
chance to escape. The
desperation to pursue this
dream was great and now he
will have to resign himself to
working until he dies.
Cause Curly 79
ain't gonna
like his wife
out in the
barn with us
Curley's Wife.
She is the only woman on the ranch and therefore an
outsider.…read more

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She went on with her story quickly, before she should be
interrupted.' 87
`You stop it now, you'll muss it.' 89
Emphasises the different ways one can be an outsider in the
novel, he is the only black man so there is obvious racial
prejudice. However on top of that he is also a cripple which
makes him even more distant from the men woring on the
ranch.…read more


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