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Of Mice and Men: Characters

George Milton
An itinerant farm worker and Lennie's friend and companion
He is intelligent; `small, dark and quick' but could be unhappy; `with restless eyes' and has a
strong personality; `sharp, strong features'
He is clean living; `What the hell kind of beds you giving…

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Crooks is the black stable hand, who as a `busted' spine, and is often treated in a way which
we would find unacceptable today; he is a victim of racial prejudice; `I ain't wanted in the
bunk house... Cause I'm black.'
Crooks is greatly intelligent; `He got books in his…

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He makes obscene allusions to his wife and regularly goes to the brothel on Saturday nights,
suggesting that he is sexually driven; `Curley says he's keeping that hand soft for his wife'
He is supremely selfish, and inadvertently brings about the death of Lennie, although he will
never accept this…


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