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Alternative Interpretations of
Learning Objectives:
To analyse and discuss alternative
interpretations in the context of
character…read more

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How do you view...
Alternative views
Nick Clegg…read more

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How do you view...
Alternative views
John Terry…read more

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How do you view...
Alternative views
Gordon Brown…read more

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So what am I getting at?
· We all view people differently
· George's view of Lennie is different to the
· Steinbeck does not penetrate any of his
characters thoughts, we only understand
them via their attitudes, feelings, words,
actions, and through other characters.…read more

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Your view of...
Candy Curley Lennie George
Benji Stubsy Livvy Georgia
Charlie Frankie Riva Kirsty
Jack Alan Alex M
Lennie George Curley
Sophie Tom Ellie
Helen Hamish Grace
Adi Sam
Using the magazines that you should have brought in,
collect images, words, letters and any other
material/drawing you want to use create a collage
demonstrating your group's view of your character.…read more

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no... just no

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