Of Mice and Men

Some notes of the book i wrote myself

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Of Mice and Men
Main themes
Isolation and loneliness of the itinerant worker
Everybody questions the relationship between George and Lennie. Many itinerant workers move
around alone. Like Carlson.
Carlson is an example of loneliness; he has turned callous, wanting to kill the dog because it smelt.
He has always been alone this has resulted in him being mean.
American Dream- Curley's wife, George and Lennie, Candy and crooks have American Dreams.
Crooks the only one of them who is sceptical and a realistic on American Dream, his is to go back to
his childhood, to his father's farm. This he knows will never happen but can use the memories and the
hope to keep him slightly upbeat.
George and Lennie dream of living on "the fatta of the land" is first introduced in the novel as a bed
side story. George thinking it unrealistic as he in a way mocks the dream saying that Lennie can have
multicoloured rabbits. To him at the beginning it is just a dream, a dream to keep him going. With help
from Candy the dream becomes more realistic and he starts to believe that maybe it will happen.
Candy knows then when he gets too old for working he will be canned and then want get any job and
take him to "the county". He hopes that he can join George and Lennie ranch.
Racism- sexism-ageist disabled
Candy in the novella is disabled and old. He shows a parallel between George and Lennie and himself
and his dog. At the end of the story their companions are killed.
Lennie is disabled mentally, he can't survive without George. He acts as a kid. If he didn't work he
would probably be locked up (see chapter one for quote)
Crooks is the only black worker in the ranch he is also disabled. His back has been kicked by a horse,
his crippled back symbolises the weight of prejudice and racism in 1930's America that blacks. He is
cautious of what he says and does, with his California code battered as continuously read. ?
He develops loneliness saying that "a guy get's nut if ain't got nobody". He creates a barrier when
around people, sinking into himself when Curley's Wife threatens him.
Curley's wife is anonymous in the novel she is described by the ranch hands by her looks not her
personality. She is defined as a possession of Curley. She is flirtatious as believes that is the only way
to get attention, yet her actions actually causes people to stay away calling her "jail bait". She is seen
as an underdog of society and gives an insight into what a woman were treated like in 1930's
America. They were either for nurturing manner or to use as a "flop".
She develops the idea of the "American Dream" saying she "coulda been in movies" but ended up in
an unhappy marriage with Curley.

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Curley's wife, Lennie, crooks, Candy creates a microcosm of society in the novella .They are seen as
the underdogs of society. "Left all the weak ones alone" as Curley's wife says to the others.…read more


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