Of Mice and Men Part One

Part One : Story, Characters, Themes

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Part One: Story Part One: Characters Part One: Themes
George & Lennie have been Lennie Anger & Violence
dropped off early by the bus Simple, animal like: `dragging his feet a George angry at bus driver. Dead mice.
driver. little, the way a bear drags his paws' George `snapped' at Lennie when he's
George decides they should `snorting water like a horse' `dabbled his persuading him to tell the dream. He also
settle by the river for the big paw' `like a terrier' `exploded' at him when he persists about
night. They have been run out Wants to be praised by George and copies the ketchup. He speaks `furiously' at him,
of Weed because Lennie him: `imitated George exactly' calling him a `crazy son-of-a-bitch' then
scared a girl by touching her Scared of upsetting George. Looks `timidly' feels guilty and ashamed.
dress. Lennie has a dead at George, `speaks softly.' He forgets Friendship/Loneliness
mouse in his pocket. George things, like the work cards. Yet he can `Guys like us that work on ranches, are the
throws it away, but Lennie manipulate George: speaks `cleverly' `an loneliest guys in the world'. `I got you to
retrieves it. Upon request, elaborate pantomime of innocence' speaks look after me and you got me to look after
George tells Lennie about the `craftily' and senses `his advantage'. you.'
ranch they're going to own. Dreams
Lennie asks for ketchup. George `Coupla acres,' veg patch, rabbit hutch,
George tells Lennie that if he Fiery tempered. `Small and quick'. Calls chickens. Little house, cows, pigs. `Live off
gets into trouble then he will Lennie a `crazy bastard'. Controlling: `You the fatta the land`)
have to hide in the brush. ain't gonna get in no trouble because if you
do I won't let you tend the rabbits'.
Organised: carries the work cards. He
decides they'll sleep out side before
continuing on to work the next day.

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