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Of Mice and Men A* Revision
How to get an A*
Make sure you are constantly using quotes and saying why
Relate EVEYTHING to Steinbeck and WHY the author Steinbeck has
created the characters to be like they are
Speak about the audience and why Steinbeck does certain things to…

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Character Interpretations
Lennie shows the audience the harsh reality of society whilst also
emphasising the animalistic nature of some men
"don't know no rules"
o Lennie is the most innocent person however as he does not understand
the rules of society.
o Could also be Steinbeck actually saying how,…

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Candy is used to emphasise the harshness of society
"You seen what they done to my dog tonight?"
o Dog is used to represent Candy and how society treat old/useless
people, would rather get shot . Could show the value of work to a man
o Could also show…

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Carlson: "luger"
Very obnoxious, used in the novella to show the violent side to
masculinity, a character who simply enjoys killing.
Use of a `luger' (A German gun) implies Carlson is like a Nazi, someone
who is evil.
Lennie was always going to ruin the dream , killing…

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Religious Symbolism
Some could say that the ending reflects the Easter story opposite:
o Good Friday ­ Both safely alive, escape trial and death
o Saturday Burial ­ They are going to `heaven' now they can buy farm
o Sunday resurrection ­ Lennie is killed with no resurrection

Steinbeck may…


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