October revolution- Russia

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Preview of October revolution- Russia

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October revolution
Elections- constituent assembly- 12th nov 1917
Kornilov affair= PG weak , Bolsh strong
Timed seizure of power very cleverly
Claimed acting on behalf of Soviet- NOT REALLY
Kerensky- knew Bolsh planning BUT did not act
Trotsky- smooth execution
Virtually bloodless affair
PG- failed to tackle most pressing issues
Kerensky tried to shut down 2 Bolsh newspapers
Kerensky support- army units outside the capital- officer cadets attempted to put down Red
10th oct- Lenin leaves his hiding place to travel to Petrograd
28th oct- Cossack troops advanced on the city
30th oct- red guards defeated Cossack attack at Pulkobo Heights
Last attempt for PG to gain power
26th Oct- Lenin announces PG overthrown
250 000 members
Produced 41 newspapers across Russia
Recruited 10 000 elite `Red guards'
Used weapons given in Kornilov affair
Popular at time of crisis


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