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Conservation in situ and
Conservation ex situ…read more

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Conservation in situ
Keyword Definition: in situ means conserving a species in its normal
Conservation in situ helps to minimise human impact on species and the natural
environment. There are a number of ways of conservation in situ.…read more

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­ A country can ban human impact which can destroy the natural
environment. This legislation can be difficult to enforce. The type
of activities banned includes:
· Hunting
­ Such as when fox hunting was banned in England
· Logging
· Clearing of land for development and agriculture
­ Monoculture areas
Fox hunting taking from
uk/i/pix/2009/09/foxhuntAP415.jpg…read more

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Conservation Parks
By providing an area for the natural environment for species to grow, they
are kept in in situ conservation.
· Conservation parks include national parks, reserves and sanctuaries, as well
as privately owned areas including farm sites
Before creating a new conservation park, a few points need to be
· Comprehensiveness- the number of species represented in the area and
their environmental conditions
· Adequacy- The area needs to be large enough to accommodate the
species, not only in their current numbers, but with their long term survival
· Representativeness- There needs to be diversity within the species and the
environmental conditions
· Human Activity- it needs to be ensured that the people who live near this
area will not cause any conflict with the species, and vice versa, or else
problems may arise. These include hunting the species, harvesting from the
natural environment, tourists, and even species raiding nearby crops.
Primates have been known to steal local maize, mangoes and sugar cane.…read more

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Conservation in Parks
Conservation parks in the UK:
· National Parks
· There are 14 in the UK
· National Nature Reserves
· There are 215 of these in the UK
· Sites of Specific Interest (SSSIs)
· There are over 6000 in the UK
· Local Nature Reserves
Bristol National Wildlife Conservation Park, taken from http://www.
· often run by County Wildlife
Trusts…read more

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· It is possible to rebuild biodiversity.
­ In the UK, the numbers of bitterns and otters are
increasing in new reed beds.
uk/images/locality/SD-Otter.jpg…read more

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