OCR: The Treaty of Versailles & Other Treaties

A few notes on the Treaty of Versailles and other treaties made at the end of WW1. Although the bit about other treaties is quite detailed, the other notes are quite brief - to add to my specific knowledge on TofV. I have more detailed notes on a powerpoint I uploaded to here.

I hope this is helpful - feel free to comment! :)

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Public Opinion = Germany should be punished harsly.
· Countries had economic problems due to the deaths.
· Germany should pay for damage.
· Different countries wanted different things. (e.g. Italy - territory, Frace - security)


Paris Peace Conference = January 1919
Germany forced sign Treaty of…

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July 1922: Fell behind on reparation payments.
January 1923: French and Belgian soldiers entered the Ruhr and took raw materials and goods. Legal
under the Treaty.
German government Ordered the workers to go on strike so there were no goods to take, but the
French killed over 100 workers and…

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had severe economic problems and Italy felt they should have received more land than
they did.
Treaty of Trianon (HUNGARY)

DATE: 4th June 1920
Transferred territories from Hungary to other countries
Disarmament: 35,000 volunteers, three patrol boats
Reparations: 200 million gold crowns

EFFECTS: Industry suffered badly because it relied…


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