OCR SPEC A geography [Traffic Management Glasgow, Settlement]

notes for the case study of traffic management in Glasgow for ocr spec A gcse



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Case Study ­ Sustainable Management
Traffic in an Urban Area
Traffic in Glasgow
Glasgow is in Scotland on the river Clyde.
It is an Accessible city.
Traffic causes pollution from fumes.
Traffic delays public transport.
Traffic causes accidents on the roads.
Past Policies
The authorities built more roads in the past. This attracted more cars and
built up the traffic.
Public Transport was slowed down further so more people turned to the car.
Parents of school children took their children to school in their cars.
Public Transport ­ Busses
Bus travel is being made more attractive.
Every 300 metres is a bus stop in the city centre.
18 Routes into the city centre have a bus every 10 minutes.
Bendibusses ­ carry 120 passengers. Have traffic light transponders which
turn the lights green.
Route Action Plans ­ Maryhill Road ­ Has a bus lane, allows busses, cyclists
and taxis to over take standing traffic.
Bus Gates ­ In the city centre busses are allowed through the gates but not
cars or delivery vehicles.
Integrated Public Transport
New routes have been opened.
Glasgow has the most extensive local rail network in Britain (next to London).
Bus and Train timetables have been linked together.
New airport rail & bus links to the city centre.
Car Parking
All day parking prices have been increased by 5 times.
Discourages commuters and persuades them to take public transport.
Short stay left cheaper to keep shoppers.
Moving Goods
97% of Glasgow's freight travels by road.

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Even the rest is moved by road from the airport or rail terminal.
No deliveries allowed in the city centre during the day.
Encourage Cycling
Glasgow has a network of 100Km, mostly along old rail routes.
Cycling expected to quadruple by 2012.
Free places to store bikes on the Train.
Bike Lockers at Train Stations.…read more


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