OCR SPEC A geography [Swansea's CBD and inner Suburbs, Settlement]

notes for Swansea's case study of the CBD and inner



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The Central Business District (CBD)
CBD = small but accessible area ­ Everyone in the city has a fairly direct
route into the centre. Most of the bus routes run directly to and from the
Many shopkeepers and Businesses would like to use a building in the CBD

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The area developed into the world's major producer of copper ­ new docks
built ­ population grew 20 fold.
Workers came for jobs ­ attracted by new industries based on metals and
coal ­ therefore a great need for more housing.

St Thomas ­ Built close to the docks. Houses…

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The Greening Programme - To improve the environment. Provided work for a
task force of 5 local people. Given back a sense o pride in the community.
Some money spent on improving the road network ­ speed bumps to slow
traffic, pedestrian crossings, better street lighting ­ Townhill safer.


Mr A Gibson


This is a good set of information on Swansea which will really help you get on top of the case study questions. Plenty of detail... suitable for any exam board.

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