OCR SPEC A geography [Swansea's CBD and inner Suburbs, Settlement]

notes for Swansea's case study of the CBD and inner



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The Central Business District (CBD)
CBD = small but accessible area ­ Everyone in the city has a fairly direct
route into the centre. Most of the bus routes run directly to and from the
Many shopkeepers and Businesses would like to use a building in the CBD
BUT the cost of land is high (High Bid Price).
Land with the highest Bid Price is in the PLVP (Peak Land Value Point) ­
Here you will find large chain stores (Marks & Spencer).
Land in the CBD is too expensive to be used for factories and houses.
Since land in the CBD is so scarce buildings in the CBD are often higher.
Floorspace is much greater then groundspace ­ Effective Area of CBD is
much larger than it looks on a map.
Within the CBD people usually walk from place to place. This helps keeps
the CBD compact and encourages functions to cluster together.
There maybe a Financial part of the CBD ­ containing most of the banks
and insurance offices.
Entertainments may cluster with restaurants close to cinemas, theatres and
There will be important public buildings such as the town hall or cathedral.
Very little open space in the CBD.
Some businesses that require a large area cannot afford the high bid price
so they locate on the edge of the CBD where more land is available and
Swansea's CBD
Contains 450 Shops ­ Shoppers come from a large area.
Regional Centre for the whole of South West Wales.
Has department stores and the largest market in Wales + many more
Specialist Shops.
Some High Order Goods are not available anywhere else within 50Km.
Oldest commercial area ­ High Street ­ runs south from the railway station.
To the West are Swansea's Largest Shops ­ Built after heavy bombing in
World War Two ­ Most of this area is Pedestrianised.
Quadrant Centre ­ Opened 1979 ­ Undercover shopping linked to a
multi-storey car park.
4Km North of CBD ­ Llansamlet Retail Park ­ 40 Large Stores ­ Part of
Lower Swansea Valley (former Copper producing area) now an Enterprise
Zone ­ Firms here could move in quickly with no to wait for planning
Swansea fights out of town shopping ­ Pedestrianised Areas, Castle
Gardens extended (a garden area created as a result of the blitz) +
Planners are trying to introduce more housing into the CBD particularly on
the fringe of the CBD above shops.
The Inner Zone (Swansea)
Before the industrial revolution Swansea was a trading port at the mouth of
the River Tawe ­ population 6000.

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The area developed into the world's major producer of copper ­ new docks
built ­ population grew 20 fold.
Workers came for jobs ­ attracted by new industries based on metals and
coal ­ therefore a great need for more housing.
St Thomas ­ Built close to the docks. Houses built not meant to last long,
however they are now very old.…read more

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The Greening Programme - To improve the environment. Provided work for a
task force of 5 local people. Given back a sense o pride in the community.
Some money spent on improving the road network ­ speed bumps to slow
traffic, pedestrian crossings, better street lighting ­ Townhill safer.
To lower unemployment ­ Colleges provide training and crèches for young
Grants for local businesses which promise to give job interviews to Townhill
Built more recently then Townhill.…read more


Mr A Gibson

This is a good set of information on Swansea which will really help you get on top of the case study questions. Plenty of detail... suitable for any exam board.

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