OCR SPEC A geography [Steel and Coal industries, Energy]

Notes for the case study of consett after the steel and coal industries closed down and moved away



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Consett after coal and steel- Case Study
Population of 20,000
On the edge of the Pennies North East Durham
1841 village of 145 people
Coal ironstone and limestone found-ingredients for a blast furnace
1000s of migrants came to find work
Iron Company
Looked after workers- provided houses, a hospital, schools, library.
Coal was cheap-owned 37 coal mines therefore made iron for competitive price
By 1852 local ironstone was running out and it became easier to get it from the Cleveland
Hills- Yorkshire
Then the imported it from Kiruna Sweden- Industrial Inertia
Best Location for Iron/steel works - Large flat sites - Near to the coast and deep water ports
Closure of the Steelworks
Steelworks closed in 1980
3715 jobs lost as a direct effect
1000s more lost in transport and local shops- Multiplier Effect
Became the worst employment black-spot in England
26.6% of working population looking for jobs
Many of the workers had been steelworkers since leaving school so they had no other skills
Young people moved away in search of work
Diversity - Government gave money to attract firms
Road network, local environment and services were improved
By 1992 unemployment was down to 11%- but still more than twice the national average
Project Genesis
Reclaimed massive site-280 football pitches
Industry, recreation and agriculture
Public open spaces, land for horse riding
Established firms are making crisps, caravans, Christmas decoration
Project genesis proposed
Hotel to boost tourism
New shops to enlarge town centre
Extension to the bypass to make pedestrianisation possible
Land to the south of Consett has been identified for a wind farm and a power station burning
forest waste


Mr A Gibson

A concise case study of Consett which is ideal for you to use in your exam - all the details you need.

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