OCR SPEC A geography [Regeneration of Manchester Hulme, Settlement]

notes for the case study of regeneration of an inner city, manchester Hulme



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Regeneration of an Inner City Area ­ Hulme Manchester

Hulme, Manchester ­ In UK's third largest city ­ Northwest England

Hulme ­ Background to the Problem
Grew rapidly in mid 19th Century to house workers of the Industrial Revolution
Slum area of the city ­ Outbreaks of Cholera

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Traffic Safety ­ Traffic speed reduced in residential areas.

Community & Services
Local schools received money to be re-developed.
New Park built ­ Playgrounds, Basketball Pitch, walking and social events.

Unemployment, Crime and a New Image.
Construction jobs went to local people during the re-development stage.
Several thousand jobs created…


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