OCR SPEC A geography [Mt. St. Helens, Tectonics]

Notes for the case study of Mt St. Helens, North America



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Case Study of a Volcano: Mount St Helens

Date: Started 20th March // Main Eruption 18th May 1980 at 08:30am (Pacific Standard
Time PST).

Where: Mount St Helens is a peak in the Rocky Mountains (fold mountain range) `Cascade
Range' of North America.

Cause: The mountain range was formed approximately…

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Human Impacts
57 people died (most were tourists that had come as sight seers and some scientists).
More than 200 houses and cabins destroyed, leaving many people homeless.
In the long term many jobs have been created through tourism (see below).

Physical Impacts
Over 185 miles of highway and roads…


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