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Colorimetry (Jan 2011) 6 marks
Any 6 marking points from the following 7:
1. Select orange/red/complementary colour for filter
2. Make up/use dye solutions of different known/standard
3. Measure the absorbance/transmission/transmittance of
the dye solutions of different known concentrations
OR absorbance/transmission/transmittance of the blue dye
4. Plot calibration graph of absorbance( or alternative see 3
above) readings v concentration
5. Add the polymer (known mass) to the dye solution and
measure the new absorbance
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Thin Layer Chromatography (June 2012) 5 marks
1. draw pencilline near bottom of plate and place 1 drop (or
similar word) of mixture (and a drop of each of the 3
compounds) on the line
2. place plate in solvent, line above solvent level AND add
3. when solvent nears top of plate, remove/dry plate
4. locate spots with UV light/iodine
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Recrystallisation (June 2010) 5 marks
Any four from:
1. Heat the (impure) sample with solvent / use hot/warm
2. with a minimum amount (of solvent) / add solvent to solid
until just dissolves
3. filter
4. leave filtrate/solution/mixture to cool / leave to crystallise
5. filter off crystals, wash and dry
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