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Section A: What to include in an Experiment:

Think: Who, What, Where, When, How ... NOT WHY? YOU WILL GET 0 FOR ANY

Start of with the aim of the study...

1. What?

IV State the IV and say how it's operationalised (i.e. what the 2 groups are).

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1. What?

What are the variables and how have they been operationalised numerically?

2. Who?

Sample size and any relevant characteristics
How you'd obtain the sample and what sampling method you'd use with an

3. Where?

Where will the study take place? (N.B. Somewhere you can access i.e. college…

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Duration of the observation?

5. How?

A stepbystep procedure from the moment you've recruited the P's until you let
them go.

Is the observation carried out overtly/covertly?
Where will the observer be located? Will he be part of the group or not?
Time/Event sampling/coding scheme

Finish the 19 marker…

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The aim of the research was to investigate the studying habits of ALevel college
students. The number of studying behaviours was recorded. This was investigated by
using a covert, structured observation using event sampling.

Firstly, a coding scheme of behavioural categories was devised ­ this included a list
of 5…

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paranormal belief. The paranormal belief scores (between 15) were collected for
those with an internal locus of control and those with an external locus of control.

Mark: 19/19

Section A: Correlation 19 Marker (Model Answer):

The aim of the research was to investigate the relationship between the number of

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different categories, with 5 words in each category. For example, one category was
'fruit' and the words in this category were: Apple lemon cherry grape and plum. P's
then had to recall as many of the 40 words as they could in 2 minutes, which was
timed using a stopwatch.…


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