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Motivation and performance

Given a class of motivated individuals, a teacher can easily and successfully introduce a
complex subject though dynamic and challenging tasks and activities. Given a class of
unmotivated students a teacher's life can be made very difficult.

Motivation it is a dynamic attribute which grows and falls…

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is raised more effectively if the processes of learning are reinforced rather than the
outcomes. This however can produce `gold star junkies'
This process focuses entirely on external, observable behaviour and ignores the role of the
student when they actively process and interpreting the behaviour of teachers.

Focuses entirely…

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exam was easy) whilst in extreme cases, failures tend to be attributed to internal/stable
causes (Im just a bit rubbish). People with this style tend not to make a connection
between their ability and success. They tend to have lower levels of motivation.

This study can be linked to education…

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Focuses on
improving provision so that basic human needs are fulfilled.

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Lots of useful information on motivation in education, thank you!

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