OCR: Psychology and Edcuation: Section Six: Individual Differences and Educational Performance

Notes on section six of the Psychology and Education Module, Individual Differences and Educational Performance. Hope they are helpful =]

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Section 6: Individual Differences in Educational Performance

Cultural diversity and gender

Demie (2001)

Demie (2001) aimed to discover differences in educational attainment related to gender and
ethnicity. The Methodology used was a case study using 1998 test data from 2340 KS1 pupils,
2267 KS2 and 1225 GCSE, collected from schools…

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Amongst Hispanic America students there was a tendency for higher achievement when the tasks
were cooperative rather than competitive. Vasquez argues that this can be explained with
reference to the experience these students have with their large and extended families.
When compared with their white counterparts, African American students were…

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Individual Differences in Educational Performance can be evaluated in a number of ways, for
example ethnocentrism, reductionism, methodology and usefulness.

Ethnocentrism is the purported belief that ones own `in' group is superior to other `out' groups, it
is also the factor relating to sample where a limited ample has been…


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