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Revision notes for P1
P1a Heating houses
1. Energy always flows from a hotter to cooler body causing a hot body to cool
and a cool body to warm
2. Temperature is a measure of "hotness" on a chosen scale, heat is a
measure of energy an absolute scale

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6. By radiation we mean Infrared radiation
P1d Cooking with waves
1. Hot objects give out more radiation than cold objects
2. Dull black objects give out more radiation than shiny objects
3. If infrared radiation is absorbed by an object it will increase its temperature
because it increases the…

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8. At angles of incidence less than the critical angle light is refracted and leaves
the surface of glass or Perspex
9. At angles greater than the critical angle light is all reflected inside the
material (Total internal reflection)
10. Optical fibres allow rapid transmission of data using light (e.g…

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1. Earthquakes produce shock waves that cause damage and are detected by
2. Seismic waves travel through the Earth and provide evidence of its structure
3. There are two types of seismic waves primary (P waves) and secondary (S
4. P waves are transverse waves. They travel faster…







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