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Potential &
Osmosis…read more

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Osmosis ­ The NET movement of water
molecules from a region of higher water
potential to a region of lower water potential
across a partially permeable membrane. Like
diffusion it will stop when the water potential is
the same on both sides.…read more

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For example, here the net movement would be the water molecules (the
blue circles) from the left to the right as there is a higher water potential on
the left.…read more

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What does water potential mean?
Water potential () is measured in KiloPascals
(kPA) and is a measure of the concentration of
water molecules to move freely in solution.…read more

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For example......
If you were to dissolve sugar (solute) in a glass of
water (solvent) to form a solution, the water
potential would be lower than in a glass of distilled
This is because many of the water molecules in the
solution would be clustered around the sugar
molecules, this lowers the concentration of water
molecules that are free to move.…read more

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Osmosis in animal cells.
There is more sugar in
the solution (hypertonic)
There is less remember when you are
sugar in the hyper you have lots of
cell then in the sugar
Water enters The cell shrivels
the cell as all the water is
through lot through
osmosis and it osmosis. It is
bursts. It is crenated.
haemolysed.…read more

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