OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset. They Key Individuals 1906-1911

Social Reforms


Lloyd George


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The Liberal Reforms: The importance of key individuals
Social reformers
Booth& Rowntree ­ poverty studies
Beatrice Webb ­ poverty cycle
T.H.Green, D.G Ritchie and L.T.Hobhouse ­ collectivist thinkers
Lloyd George And Churchill
helped build up on New Liberalism
Made many public speeches and records
1908 visited Germany to study the Bismarck benefit scheme ­ inspired and it led to
reforms including the national insurance act of 1911 ­ both played a part in the
drafting of this bill
LGincrease of taxation through the people's budget 1909
C promoted to board of trade to become more influential in the reform programme
­ used influences to pass reforms including Labour exchanges act 1909
LG land reform ­ wage and allotments to agricultural labourers and stoping
explotationof tenants by landlords (lacking funds meant couldn't be implemented
before start of WW1
Proposed old age pensions act ­ passed august 1908
Priminister 1908


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