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Although many people believe volcanoes are
wholly problematic, an increasing number
of people rely on volcanoes for their daily
Some people believe the benefits of living
near a volcano outweigh the risk factors.…read more

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Reason to live near a volcano...
This energy can be harnessed by using
underground steam resources that have been
heated by magma.
The steam is used to turn turbines in geothermal
power stations to produce electricity. Countries
like Iceland and New Zealand use this method
of generating electricity.…read more

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Volcanic areas often contain some of the most
mineral rich soils in the world, which is ideal
for farming. Lava and material from pyroclasic
flow can be weathered to form mineral rich soil
which can produce healthy crops and rich
harvests.…read more

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Volcanoes attract millions of visitors from around
the world every year. Hot springs and geysers
also attract tourists. This create jobs for people
in the tourist industry (working in hotels, gift
shops and restaurants). It brings money into
the local economy, and often locals are
employed as tour guides.…read more

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Lava from deep within the earth contains minerals
that can be mined once the lava has cooled.
These included gold, silver, diamonds, copper
and zinc. Often mining towns develop around
volcanoes and volcanic rock also makes good
building material.…read more

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