OCR GCSE History B (USA) - Revision notes for USA Depth Study

OCR GCSE History B (USA) covering the American unit. The document is set out in chronological order and is well written. The notes are aimed at those aiming for B and above and include many examples of quotes etc. for those aiming for A*. (Please note the document is in note format and should not be the only revision source used)

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The USA between the Wars
Key points for revision

Woodrow Wilson (D) 1913-21
Warren G Harding (R) 1921-23
Calvin Coolidge (R) 1923-29
Herbert Hoover (R) 1929-33
Franklin D Roosevelt (R) 1933-15

Reasons to move to America
Free land, low prices, money & business and tenant opportunities.

Who moved to…

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The Roaring Twenties
Jazz age (Duke Ellington)
Mass consumption
Freedom... Scandal
Empire State
Babe Ruth
Charlie Chaplain (25 cents)
Ford Model T
Cotton Club (Duke Ellington)
Rudolph Valentine (cinema)

Women in the 1920's (Cities)

Women in the `Bible Belt'
Now freedom
Frumpy clothes

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Banned alcohol
18th Amendment
Temperance Movement (Billy Sunday, "don't drink", anti -saloon league)
Problems with Alcohol

Failure of Prohibition
Methanol (Poisoning)
Al Capone
Deaths (760 Deaths 1926)

The end of Prohibition
St Valentine's Day Massacre (7 Moran gang killed)
Difficult to enforce.
Lack of support.…

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14 Million unemployed by 1933
Hollywood ­ Golden age (30 cents a ticket, escape the depression)
Bonus marchers (WW1 veterans promised bonus in 1925, accused of communism)

Hoovers Response
Hoover Dam
$423 million pound building program (schools etc.)
Hawley-Smoot Act (Increased tariffs)

1932 Presidential Election
Why Vote Hoover (R)? Why…


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