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The basic pluralist argument is the content of the mass media reflect what the public
or a section of it wants. It simply responds to market demand. It reflects reality rather
than creates reality.

Pluralism is a view usually supported by media professionals. Pluralists argue that
society is made…

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E.g.:- MP EXPENSES SCANDAL = The Telegraph published expenses claims made by
members of the United Kingdom Parliament over several years. Investigative journalism
can act to expose problems within these powerful institutions in society.

Pluralists believe the trends in media ownership can bring positive benefits to the
consumer. The concentration…

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Harrison with selective access to transcripts of its news coverage and used him in its own

2. Pluralists claim that the media are generally diverse and neutral is criticised in terms of Blumler
and Gurevitch (1995) call the `emergent shared culture' of politicians and press and television


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