OCR F211 june 11 biology mark scheme ( not official)

This is a mark scheme that i created myself after having a biology mock and going through it in class.

as this is not the official mark scheme i have not include addition comments that mark schemes usually have as to whats allowed and what is not. applogies in advance

hope that you find this mark scheme useful for your revision x

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The unofficial mark scheme for biology F211 June 2011
Question 1.

i. Any 1 from :

The function of the golgi apparatus is to package proteins (into vesicles)

Receives and modifies proteins from the ER (1 Max)

ii. Contains pores that substances are able to diffuse in and out of…

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Using transporter proteins/ which requires ATP(to drive the proteins pumps) as a form of
energy 2 Max

ii. Idea of:

Hydrogen ions being actively transported out of the companion cells into the surrounding

Mineral ions/salts being actively transported into root hair cells

Active transport helps us absorbed glucose from…

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c. calculation :

100- 82 = 18 %

Or percentages of (prophase+metaphase+anaphase+telophase) 2 max

Think single answer scores 2 marks but include calculation just incase

d. meiosis produces genetically different nuclei / the cells are haploid ( half the genetic

Q5. A.i. 3 from:

Breathe regularly

Measure amplitude of…

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joined end to end to make a column

have sieve plates

little amount of cytoplasm

few organelles

no nucleus 2 max

c. answer must be in correct order as follows:

H+ions are actively transported out of the companion cells against a concentration gradient

This creates a diffusion gradient as there…


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