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Transport in Plants…read more

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Why do plants need transport
Like all living organisms, plants need to get
substances from their environment. They also need
to get rid of any waste substances.
Although epithelial cells (cells on the surface) could
gain all they need from simple diffusion, there are
many cells within the plant that also need a supply
of substances.
Having a transport system enables plants to move
substances to and from individual cells quickly.…read more

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Vascular Tissue
Vascular tissue is the special tissue in which the
plant transport system moves water.
· Xylem tissue transports water and soluble
materials upwards
· Phloem tissue transports sugars up or down
the plant…read more

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Xylem and Phloem in Young Root
· In the root, the xylem and
phloem are in the centre
to provide support for the
root as it pushes through
the soil
· There is a large central
core of xylem, usually in
the shape of an X
· The phloem is present
between the arms of the
X-shaped xylem…read more

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Xylem and Phloem in the Stem
· The vascular bundles
are found near the
outer edge of the stem
· This arrangement
provides strength and
flexibility to withstand
the bending forces to
which stems and
branches are exposed…read more

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Xylem and Phloem in the Leaf
· In the leaf xylem
and phloem make
up the midrib and
veins of a leaf,
which support the
thin leaves
· The xylem is found
on top of the
phloem…read more

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