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Revision for AS OCR Biology ­ Topic 1

Magnification: The no. of times an image is bigger than the object itself.
Resolution: The ability to distinguish between two separate points. The higher the resolution, the
more detail you can see.
Staining: To see cell structure more clearly as biological material…

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Series of membrane channels involved in synthesising and transporting substances, like lipids,
needed by the cell.

Studded with Ribosomes. The ribosomes synthesis proteins , which are processed by the RER and
exported out of the cell via the Golgi Apparatus.

Golgi Apparatus:
A series of flattened membrane vesicles…

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Responsible for transporting materials around the cell ie. cell division.
Protein in the cytoskeleton allow movement ie flagella.

Small cell (2 micrometer Diameter)
Few organelles Mitochondria not present
Small Ribosome (70S type)
DNA is circular
No nucleus DNA is free in cytoplasm
Cell wall made of polysaccharide


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