OCR B - Applied Ethics 1 - Religion and Medical Ethics Powerpoint

This is a powerpoint to give all the things needed for the Applied Ethics 1 exam on Medical Ethics. Includes some Bible quotes and passages along with all the key points needed.

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Religion and Medical Ethics
OCR B ­ Applied Ethics 1
This slide show will give key points regarding all
the key points in this topic…read more

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Sanctity of Life
· Something special or holy about human life
· Human life is different to other kinds of life
· People share something of the nature of God
· Souls: the non-physical part of a person which
may go to heaven
Genesis: `So God created man in his own image, in
the image of God he created him; male and female
he created them'
Corinthians: `Don't you know that you yourselves
are God's temple and that God's spirit lives in you?'…read more

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· Abortion is the termination of pregnancy,
killing the foetus in the mother's womb
· Until 1967 it was illegal
· Thousands of `backstreet' abortions were
carried out illegally
· Abortions act amended from 1967 in 1990 and
now abortions are legal
· Must take place before 24 weeks of pregnancy…read more

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A woman can have an abortion if...
· Her life is at risk
· Doctors agree that it is necessary
· Risk of injury to mother's physical or mental
· Substantial risk of baby being born disabled
· There is a risk that another child in the family
would threated the mental or physical health
of existing children…read more

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Roman Catholic view of Abortion
· Human life is sacred
· Abortion = murder; ALWAYS WRONG
· Embryos have full status of human
· They would, however, accept abortion if it
would save the mother's life; the doctrine of
double effect
Exodus: Do not murder…read more

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Other views of Abortion
· Church of England ­ opposes abortion, but
recognises that it might be suitable in some
cases i.e. if child will be disabled or if a result
of rape
· Methodist Church ­ abortion is always an evil,
but may sometimes be the lesser of two evils
· Sikhs ­ in general condemn abortion, but
believe it may be acceptable if mother's life is
at risk…read more

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