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notes on charlie parker, louis armstrong and miles davis

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Louis Armstrong Widely known through recordings
and radio broadcasts.
Swinging rhythm and highly melodic
Enormous range.
Great improviser.
Bold and dramatic melodies.
Virtuosic technique.
Rich tone.
Some of his solos were printed.
Also an influential jazz singer (scat
Charlie Parker Wanted to expand jazz possibilities
(exploring new scales etc.)
Interested in developing the chordal
basis of his improvisation.
Good improviser- people were eager
to listen to and copy his fast
aggressive style of jazz.
Improvisation based on well known
song (Cherokee)
Complex chords and harmonies.
Very fast tempo.
A light, dry saxophone tone.
Unexpected accents ­ emphasising
unpredictable and varied phrase
Use of quotation (high society).
Miles Davis One of the most influential jazz

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Economical trumpet style.
Middle range sound.
Controlled use of vibrato.
Light tone
Performing techniques to alter his
pitch (ghost notes, fall offs, smears,
Avoids constant rhythmic movement.
Able to place his solos effectively.
Strong sense of swing.…read more


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