OCR AS Music, Louis Armstrong - Alligator Crawl

Notes on Alligator crawl for OCR AS Music

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Louis Armstrong and his hot seven:
Louis Armstrong ­ trumpet
Johnny Dodds ­ Clarinet
John Thomas ­ trombone
Lil Hardin Armstrong - Piano
Slow harmonic pace.
Outer sections based on four choruses of a 12-bar blues in F
major (common in jazz at the time).
F major Introduction 2 bars Trumpet
Chorus 1 12 bars Clarinet
Chorus 2 12 bars Ensemble
Link 4 bars
C major Solo A 8 bars Trumpet
B 8 bars
A1 8 bars + 1
F major Chorus 3 12 bars Guitar
Chorus 4 12 bars Ensemble
Dodds Solo (chorus 1)
Highly expressive style.
Uses of arpeggios to move rapidly from high to low registers.
Glissandi, smears, fall offs and scoops (to bend pitch)
Wide range
Chorus 2
Trumpet has the melody
Clarinet has counter melody (high register)

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Trombone acts as the tenor in the texture, sustained notes.
Bass tuba mostly plays two notes per bar (gives brass solid
Banjo and piano comping (playing repeated chords).
Middle Section
An extended solo by Armstrong.
Paraphrase improvisation.
As the solo progresses he adds his own improvisational detail.
Chorus 3
Unaccompanied guitar solo.
Chorus 4
Collective improvisation
Has more energy and swing that the earlier ensemble passage.
Make a satisfying end to the piece.
Faster pulse.…read more


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