OCR AS Music, Charlie Parker - Ko-ko

Notes for as music ocr on Ko-ko

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AABA 32-bar song form.
Bepop- smaller groups
Fast , virtuoso solos
Irregular phrasing and off-beat accents
Walking bass
Rapid twists in melodies that cover a wide range.
Introduction is only accompanied by drums and consists of 4
phrases of 8 bars.
Frequent use of non-chord notes in the rhythms section.
Chords tend to be more dissonant than the original harmonies
of Cherokee.
Introduction 32 bars Alto sax and Trumpet
Trumpet (continuous quavers)
Alto sax (3 distinct phrases)
Alto sax and Trumpet
Chorus 1 64 bars A
A (Alto sax solo)
Chorus 2 64 bars A
A (Alto sax solo)
Drum Solo 27 bars
Coda 28 bars Same as Introduction
Chorus 1
Mostly diatonic.

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Chromatic notes mirror changes in chords.
Solo is made up of different motifs.
Formulaic improvisation (weaving melodic formulae).
Parker often places accents on weak beats.
Chorus 2
Parker begins with a 2 bar quotation from `High Society'
A ­ `high society'.
Moves rapidly across a 2 octave range.
Pizz. Walking bass.
A ­ Asymmetric phrasing.
Piano chords more regular.
B ­ Descending arpeggio figures.
Rapid descending scales.
Modulations using circle of 5ths.
A ­ Opening similar to A1 and A2.
Bass in a higher register.…read more


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