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Nadine Allen

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Stage Solicitors Barristers
The Academic stage is the same for
each profession but they can choose 1
of 2 routes:

3yr long law degree
£27,000 fees university
7 core topics along with an area of your choice
3yr long degree in other subject
£27,000 university…

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Training contract Pupillage
2yrs long ­ 6 months in 4 different departmenst 6 months shadowing your supervisor and 6
Trainee solicitor supervised by a partner of the months advocating for your own clients
firm Called a pupil and supervised by a pupil
Professional The law society and the SRA set…

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Its practical and gets you involved with the Costly - £11,000 for a year (sol)
law and you aren't just sitting in a Fairly short course ­ compact
Vocational classroom. Everyone is taught the same Another years studying after university
Interested firms can pay for solicitors Can put people off…

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Criminal effectiveness

Solicitor OR Barrister
People may want:
Reduced fees
Work to be completed

If still not happy they can complain too:

Complaints partner Head of chambers
Discipline solicitor

The legal ombudsman can do any of these
Apologise to you
Give you back any documents…

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You have one year from when the
incident happened to complain.

Advantages Dis-Advantages
Cheaper for client Longer training
Only paying one person Difficult complaints system
Less time explaining case to multiple people Redundancies
Easier clients as they can understand what is happening more No specialist advocacy skills
easily Barristers…

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Nadine Allen


Smith E


It is easy to overlook the case law and statute in this topic area and this is why this resource works well, as Smith and the CLS Act are both referenced, as are fairly up to date figures (e.g. the 2011 figures for total number of solicitors). The combination of spider diagram and bulleted table, with colour, would suit a student who likes a varied range of revision materials. 

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