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A polymer is a long molecule made up from lots of small molecules.

The small molecules that add together to form a polymer are called monomers.

Addition Polymerisation
If monomers contain a double bond they can add together to make
a polymer.

This is called addition polymerisation.

No other…

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Thermoplastics are polymers without cross-links between the chains.

The intermolecular bonds between the chains are much weaker than the covalent cross-
links in thermoset.

The attractive forces in thermoplastics can be overcome by warming.

The chains can slide over each other and the polymer can be deformed.

On cooling,…

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Properties of Polymers
The properties of polymers depend on six factors:

Chain length The longer the chains, the stronger the polymer
Tensile strength increases with increasing chain
length because longer chains become more
entangled and have stronger intermolecular bonds
between them and so are more difficult to pull


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