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Hydrogen Bonding
Hydrogen bonding is a type of intermolecular bond.

It is the strongest type of intermolecular bond and can be thought of as a special case of
permanent dipole-permanent dipole bonding.

For hydrogen bonding to occur, the molecules involved must have the following three

A large dipole between…

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The Effects of Hydrogen Bonding
To boil a liquid, you need to overcome the intermolecular forces, so that the particles can
escape from the liquid surface.

You need more energy to overcome stronger intermolecular forces .

So liquids with stronger intermolecular forces will have higher boiling points.

Hydrogen bonding is…

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A substance will dissolve in water if the molecules of the substance are able to form bonds
with the water molecules instead of with each other.

Substances with hydrogen bonding are often soluble in water.

Hydrogen bonds can form between water molecules and molecules of the substance and


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